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Blended Learning

In the post covid-19 world it is crucial to implement well-structured balanced educational environments to cater to schools’ health and safety needs without compromising on their academic progress. For that reason, The City Schools Holdings around the world developed curriculum delivery methods keeping the students and their families’ safety along with educational standards as a priority.

  • The school will be following the blended module splitting the student body into groups taking turns in attending the school for face-to-face learning and staying home for online learning.
  • Strict compliance with health and safety rules and regulations in each country, as the circumstances of each school and its community are always in consideration of management of schools and governors.
  • Cleaners to sanitize toilets after each use.
  • EYFS, allocated table and chair for each student with an allocated tray with all the learning resources and materials.
  • Year 1 classes; 10 students per room 1 teacher in room A and one assistant in room B. Sessions will be blended with E-learning and actual learning teachers and assistants will swap rooms for active learning.
  • Year 2 to Year 6; 12 students per room 1 teacher in room A and 1 TA in room B.
  • Students whom are registered for only E-learning due to medical conditions must follow the school timetable on Zoom and submit their work on seesaw by the end of each session. Teacher will take attendance of Home Learning students.
  • Printing papers/sharing is prohibited. Students will work on their own workbook and activity book, take a photo of it and submit it to the teacher via airdrop or seesaw for marking.